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Our Story

Our passion is to travel. We have lived in multiple countries and have spent the majority of our life exploring the world. It’s this first-hand experience that helps us to bring Morocco to life. This knowledge is the crucial factor for arranging a one of a kind adventure for you. We believe that technology cannot fully deliver as our personal touch does, as every Beyond Morocco journey starts with a consultation. Searching online for the best places to travel and stay can be overwhelming, and well, disappointing. This is why we offer our adventurers and travelers the time and resources to plan their perfect holiday. All you have to do is, have a chat with us, and watch your trip come together down to the smallest details.

Our Mission

Beyond Morocco Travel & Lifestyle is a group of destination specialists, travel designers and curators based in Marrakech. We create bespoke experiences in Morocco. We like to showcase a travel story like no other. We time-travel from the 13th-century Medina to the hipster cafes and speak-easy bars in the new town. Our mission is to open borders and show Morocco in a different light. We are here to allow you to indulge in the culture, relax, be yourself and take in as much as possible of your holiday where you can. Whether you watch beautiful sunsets on the Medina rooftops, redesign your living room at unique concept stores in town, or go on road trips with stunning sceneries on vintage sidecars. Our destination specialists will show you the Morocco you never thought existed, all off the beaten path, away from touristic traps. It's those vital experiential moments that satisfy our cravings, together with your heart-warming reviews!

Who Are We?

REAL HUMANS, REAL TRAVEL EXPERTISE Here are the first people you will be in touch with. These two are ones of the few who make Beyond what it is today.

Adnan Cibari

Destination Specialist
Adnan Cibari; Ari for short, was born in Morocco but raised in 3 different continents, by the time he was 18, he already had about 12 homes. He’s traveled more than 25 countries and lived in both Europe and the US. 


After the decision to settle in Marrakech, Ari has acquired experience developing, consulting and managing several travel and events agencies in the city. He has worked every aspect of the lifestyle industry representing agencies, event planners, property and hotel owners, and experience providers. “Human exploration is part of our DNA. Travel is the best education possible, it challenges our intellect. I love the people of the world, their culture, creativity and diversity fascinates me, especially those who get out of their comfort zone and go out to discover the unknown. Personally, travellling makes me as free as I ever been and teaches me to value what I have.” Ari's primary goal is to make sure you fall in love with Morocco and enjoy sublime moments with your friends and family, worry free. Not afraid to ask questions, and always open to feedback. This empathic character with major craving for unique travel experiences has put big smiles on many travelers with Beyond.

Rasa Barcaite

Travel Curator
For almost 5 years Lithuanian Rasa calls Marrakech her home. After graduating art history studies in Lithuania, Rasa mainly worked as a journalist and editor in the news agencies and was the editor-in-chief of a culture magazine. Then, she moved to the Netherlands, where in Amsterdam for 4 years worked in the hospitality industry. However, one visit to Morocco changed her life. Rasa fell in love with Morocco and decided to move to Marrakech. During her 5 years of living in Morocco, she travelled all over the country, discovering secret spots and finding authentic local experiences by escaping touristic areas. Rasa is also a travel blogger, writes a lot about Morocco for travel magazines and websites. With a great experience under her belt in organising trips, Rasa creates inspiring, authentic itineraries for Beyond travelers. To Rasa, traveling is not only about sightseeing. Traveling is all about experiences that involve first-hand interaction with people who live there. As a woman expat in Morocco, she actively encourages female travelers not to be afraid to discover Morocco.


All you need is a device connected to internet and you can book your flights and hotels, couple of clicks and job done! If, however, you’re looking to save that time and hassle while opting for true experiential moments with your loved ones, you need knowledge and expertise.

One of our favorite things to do. We’ve been around Morocco countless times and have the expertise and contacts to make sure that your trip is a life changing experience. Our mission is to make sure you have an unforgettable holiday that leaves you with memories and stories to tell your friends back home. 

When we want the freshest oysters, we don’t go to next door supermarket, we go on a roadtrip to the closest lagoon and spend time hanging out with fishermen at sunset collecting shellfish. This all depends on you, how much are you willing to spend for your holiday? Our trips are tailored, customized and bespoke. It may look like a lot of money, but trust us, this would cost way more if you book everything yourself – Where would you rather get your oysters from? 

We understand that your time is valuable, why spend hours and hours searching for that perfect boutique hotel, or that impeccable transport company when you can let us curate that holiday for you that ticks all the right boxes – whether it’s to find off the beaten path experiences in remote Morocco, fulfill your urge to run away from the ordinary, indulge in the incredible Amazigh culture, or learn something new. The goal is when you return back home, you are rejuvenated, restored and positive that the time spent was worthwhile. 

Our drivers and guides are with you most of the time, let them know if you have any questions. We are also here for you 24/7 and offer our guidance and assistance online free of charge if you book with us. Wondering how to bring your cash? How to travel with your pet? You’re vegan and not sure if Moroccan cuisine would fit? Just ask us!

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