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Morocco is a pretty safe country that can be navigated with a bit of common sense, but there are a few things to be culturally aware of. We will brief you before arrival.


Some of our tours involve a decent amount of driving and walking/hiking each day. Let us know of your physical abilities to tailor the trip to your needs.


In preparation for your journey, we will be sending you a list of things to consider packing that will make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible.


International SOS, have updated their 2019 Travel Risk Map, showing Morocco as “low” risk country. 

Morocco rated as a low-risk country. Meaning, that it’s safe just as any other country in Europe, U.K, U.S. and Australia. Compared to countries such as Laos, Turkey, Philippines, South Africa and Mexico, that land on the Medium travel security risk.

Depending on season, Morocco can be very diverse in climate. . Please inquire from us for an exact advice for your dates. If you’re not bothered, your top priority to remember is your camera and sunglasses 🙂

First priority is to figure out if you need a visa to travel to the country. If you’re a US or a European passport holder, you get a visa (stamp) on arrival which allows you to stay in the country for more than 3 months. 

An Important Note From The Founder

Dear Travelers, If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re really interested in traveling to Morocco, but are worried because you’ve heard it’s dangerous, especially if you're traveling alone and even more so if you're a woman. You’ve probably heard some stories on the internet. Well, GREAT NEWS! That’s mostly false! It’s actually safe and secure in Morocco, more than some cities in the U.S and in Europe, which I would know since I lived in both parts of the world and I have been organizing trips for hundreds of foreigners here in Morocco and we never had any issues. I have also had friends from the U.S and Europe travel the country alone, mostly women, and never reported any problems. As previously mentioned, The US Department of State issued on Wednesday, January 10 2018 a Travel Advisories system. The department ranked Morocco in category 1: the safest for US travelers. Read more here: The problem is that humans are more prone to talk about bad experiences than good ones, and likewise, more prone to read about negative things than positive. Even I was guilty of reading the articles warning travelers to be weary of traveling alone in Morocco, and some even almost made me double think about moving to this country. It actually wasn’t until I posted on social media that I found Morocco to be safer than some cities in the U.S that other people started coming out and agreeing, and sharing their positive experiences. So rest assured, all of the negative stories you’ve heard is either from a person who is not a good traveler, a person who is not used to other cultures, someone who thrives off of negativity, or a super rare occasion amongst tons of positive ones that unfortunately don’t make it on to the internet. My friends as well as my clients have all had a phenomenal time in the country. I’m a professional traveler myself and have given cultural consultancy services for companies moving to Morocco for diverse reasons. Using my common sense tips and strategies is what made me have a great time while living abroad and traveling the world. My experiences and knowledge will come in handy when I advice you and take care of your concerns personally. If you have any doubts about coming to experience this beautiful country, I will be happy to answer your questions personally and help you make a decision if Morocco is the right fit for you as a traveller. Sincerely Yours, Ari

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