Our Morocco Bucket-List

Here are our bucket list ideas, send us yours!

Where To Stay

Resorts and Hotels are outdated, with Beyond Morocco, you'll be staying in your own private villa in the palm grove, boutique riads in the middle of the Medina and one of a kind glamping experiences in the most remote parts of the country.

In Town

Ok, you've booked your flights to Marrakech and checked all the thousands of different accommodation options and well, you're lost, Don't worry! FYI: Marrakech Medina has over 2,000 operational Riads. This is the reason we've walked every alleyway of the Medina and every street of Marrakech looking for the most bespoke places for you to stay. Can't make a desicion? give us a shout and we'll find the right place for you.

In the Desert

Desert Camping in Morocco is the number one request of travelers coming our way. The bohemian interiors and the side activities are very unique to any camping experiences we've seen around the world. One of our favorite moments is when we spent couple of nights under the expensive starry night sky stargazing with a local astronomer and his sophisticated telescopes. Just like the Riads, we've scouted the best camps for you to stay in Morocco. If you don't have the time to go on a 3/4 days trip to the Sahara Desert, don't worry there are camps in the rocky Agafay Desert (1 hour from Marrakech) that offer similar experience. Note: Don't expect the high sand dunes of the Sahara.

In The Mountains

Staying in the main imperial cities is great, however, if you're looking for an off the beaten path experience in Morocco, you have to retreat to the countryside and the mountains. Wether it's your own cosy villa en route to Ourika Valley, a minimalist lodge in the country side built with natural materials or a one of kind Kasbah on the foot of the Atlas Mountains. When we came to Morocco, we rented an all-terrain jeep and went to the most remote and unique accommodation around the country that offer an authentic but luxurious escapes from the huss and fuss of the cities.

Things To Do

The most unique and off the beaten path activities and experiences to do while here.

Where To Stay

The most exquisite boutique hotels and out of the ordinary accommodation.

Where To Eat / Drink

Special diets? Got tired of the tagines? Need a drink? Let us walk you through our favorites!

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