Our Morocco Bucket List

Here are our Morocco bucket list ideas, send us yours!

Things To Do

The most unique and off the beaten path activities and experiences to do while here.

Where To Stay

The most exquisite boutique hotels and out of the ordinary accommodation.

Where To Eat / Drink

Special diets? Got tired of the tagines? Need a drink? Let us walk you through our favorites!

Things To Do

We specialize in scouting the most unique and unusual things to do - our curators have travelled the country scouting for incredible experiences in and around Morocco. Here are a few examples in our Morocco Bucket List!

Cruise around Marrakech in a vintage sidecar.

Come and join the thrill and excitement of riding on three wheels in the most off-the-beaten tracks of Marrakech & The Atlas Mountains with local Insiders. Can take passengers up starting from 2 years old, this safe and stylish transportation is one of the unique ways to drive around the Medina, as well as a one of a kind road trip to the Agafay Desert and the Atlas Mountains. Rides go from 1.5-hour ride around town up to 2 weeks expeditions around the country. This experience definitely tops our Morocco Bucket List.

Enlightening Experience in the Sahara Desert

Are the three days touristic desert group traps online not so appealing to you? Then, let us introduce you to real Sahara glamping with a bespoke learning experience. Our best friends offer private desert trekking tours and camel safaris that are one of a kind. The day treks are a storytelling journey with a Nomad from the Sahara Desert. Step back in time and enjoy this retreat way from modernization with stories that will inspire you forever. If you're an adventurist, our Nomad friends can create a challenge for you to add to your Morocco Bucket List, not to mention a full cultural immersion into the nomadic lifestyle in the Sahara Desert. Treks start from one day (back to your boho camp) up to two weeks for adventure seekers.

Hover over the Atlas Mountains at Sunrise

Champagne is always a good idea. Do you know what an even better idea is? Champagne in the air overlooking the sun rising above the Atlas Mountains. Very few hot air balloon destinations offer this opportunity – Imagine yourself up in the air facing the highest peaks of North Africa, taking in the sun and enjoying breakfast in the air with your loved ones. If you're not afraid of heights, definitely include this in your Morocco Bucket List!

Ride to an out-of-the Ordinary Sculpture Park

An upside-down house fell from the sky, a picturesque garden with funny looking gardeners with pumpkin heads, a giants house filled with weirdly large decorations and details, from the light switch to cutlery. Want to experience a one of a kind escape and discover this artist's work riding on three wheels? What an experience to fill up your Morocco Bucket List.

Calm Coastal Town Getaway

Watch goats climbing trees feeding on Argan nuts before making your way to this peaceful fishing port town. Do you want to feel like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones? Walk to the Skala and watch the waves break over the ancient walls of this medieval-looking town, or go one step further and let us arrange a horseback riding excursion along the remote wild beaches with a picnic stop. Unwind, and let the sand wash your feet with a yoga session facing the golden sunset of the Atlantic ocean. This peaceful town would be a grand finale for your Morocco Bucket List ideas.

Make a Difference!

Ok, you ate all those delicious tagines, rode your camel for the first time. However, your heart is still broken from the kittens you saw in terrible shape in the Medina, you've passed by remote villages and saw kids with broken backpacks going to school, you shed a couple of tears walking by those cute donkeys in terrible shape. If your Morocco Bucket List includes making the world a better place, let us know, we can recommend and introduce you to local non-profit organizations who would be happy to accept any help you can give. Or better yet, if you have the time, we'll give you some ideas on small but powerful acts of kindness you can do to change things for the better.

Where To Stay

Resorts and Hotels are outdated, with Beyond Morocco, you'll be staying in your own private villa in the palm grove, boutique riads in the middle of the Medina and one of a kind glamping experiences in the most remote parts of the country.

In Town

Ok, you've booked your flights to Marrakech and checked all the thousands of different accommodation options, and well, you're lost, Don't worry! FYI: Marrakech Medina has over 2,000 operational Riads. This is the reason we've walked every alleyway of the Medina and every street of Marrakech looking for the most bespoke places for you to stay. Can't make a decision? Give us a shout, and we'll find the right place for you.

In the Desert

Desert Camping in Morocco is the number one request of travellers coming our way. The bohemian interiors and the side activities are unique to any camping experiences we've seen around the world. One of our favourite moments is when we spent a couple of nights under the expensive starry night sky stargazing with a local astronomer and his sophisticated telescopes. Just like the Riads, we've scouted the best camps for you to stay in Morocco. If you don't have the time to go on a 3/4 days trip to the Sahara Desert, don't worry there are camps in the rocky Agafay Desert (1 hour from Marrakech) that offer a similar experience. Note: Don't expect the high dunes of the Sahara.

In The Mountains

Staying in the main imperial cities is great. However, if you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience in Morocco, you have to retreat to the countryside and the mountains. Whether you prefer your own cosy villa en route to Ourika Valley, a minimalist lodge in the countryside built with natural materials, or a one of a kind Kasbah on the foot of the Atlas Mountains, we can arrange it for you. When we came to Morocco, we rented an all-terrain jeep and went to the most remote and unique accommodation around the country that offer an authentic but luxurious escapes from the huss and fuss of the cities.

Where to Eat/ Drink

As Locals, Expats and most importantly Foodies, we're always looking for the best places to have brunch, hunt for that new diner with a twist or that speak-easy bar downtown. And If you want to impress your friends back home, why not spend the day learning the secrets of Moroccan cuisine?


One of the essential facts you need to know is that to experience authentic Moroccan cuisine truly, you will need to go to a Moroccan home. Moroccans don't necessarily eat out. So, we've selected few home experiences (on request) for you in Marrakech and beyond to discover how Moroccan and Berber families live and what they eat etc. However, this doesn't mean that all restaurants are bad, but it's not as good as it should be. We still have a few unique favourites that we think you would genuinely enjoy. Top picks: For food adventurers, we'll recommend The Jamaa El Fna square (after sunset), have a camel burger at Cafe Clock, La Famille - great local vegan options.


We've been getting so many questions from our foreign friends asking about the alcohol culture in Morocco, well... You'll be surprised! Yes, you can drink, purchase and even bring alcohol to Morocco with you (with limits). Most hotels, licensed restaurants, bars, alcohol shops and supermarkets serve alcohol in big cities. We did our share of going out in Marrakech, and so we've selected a few places that offer a little bit more than just a drink. Our top 5 picks: Kabana (boho rooftop bar in the Medina - great cocktails), Dar Soukkar (great for those who want to have few drinks and watch professional belly dancers), Epicurien (great live music - after midnight), Bo Zin (great tapas, awesome DJs & beautiful setting), Bar 68 (if you're a wine fanatic, this cosy small bar is for you! large selection of Moroccan and French wines to choose from).

Our Experiences

Looking for a full bespoke tour around Morocco? Look no further, here is where our friends have been with us!

Tom's 11 Days Tailored Tour

Tom's Immersive Experience

Tom is opening a Moroccan inspired speak easy bar downtown San Fransisco, he came to Morocco for inspiration.

5 days retreat

Anni & Friend's Retreat

Anni and 13 participants have travelled with us for 5 days on a retreat in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

Long Weekend

Harriet's 30th Birthday

Harriet and 16 of her friends have decided to spend her 30th birthday with us on a long weekend here in Marrakech.

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