“Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battouta

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Morocco travel & lifestyle agency Beyond Morocco was born with a dream, a dream to explore and share that exploration with the world. We are all nomads and the whole world is our home. Beyond Morocco, more than just travel, it's a Destination Management Company, we are your right hand if you want to travel, move, invest or plan your one of a kind event in Morocco. Ari, the founder was born in Morocco but raised in 3 different continents, by the time he was 18, he already had about 12 homes. He’s traveled more than 25 countries and lived in both Europe and the US. “Human exploration is part of our DNA. Travel is in our nature and it's the best education possible, it challenges our intellect. I love the people of the world, their culture, creativity and diversity fascinates me, especially those who get out off their comfort zone and go out to discover the unknown. Personally, travellling makes me as free as ever and teaches me to value what I have.” Ari After the decision to settle in Marrkech, Ari has acquired experience developing, consulting and managing several travel and events agencies in the city. From his experience abroad and with an impressive list of key contacts, and a hand picked crew. Beyond Morocco Travel & Lifestyle was born. Born with the help of the amazing people he met along his journey, without them none of this would have been possible! Beyond Morocco, a destination management company that was created with love from a moment of epiphany and realization that Morocco has so much to offer than the typical packaged holidays we find online. The moment has finally come to opt for a truly curated and customized experience by local experts and a creative team that understands you, your communication needs and above all understands that your time is of the essence. We are passionate about discovering new, exquisite but off-the-beaten track locations, our mission is to be your key contact for everything to do with your Morocco plans, we are here to help guide and enlighten our travelers with culture, history and above all give you memories that will never be forgotten.

The world is your oyster, Morocco is the pearl.

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