Our Morocco Bucket-List

Here are our top 5 Unique Things to Do while in Morocco - Send us yours!

Things To Do

We specialize in scouting the most unique and special things to do - our curators have travelled the country scouting for incredible experiences in and around Morocco. Here are a few examples of the most unique things to do in Morocco- Inquire for more.

Cruise around Marrakech in a vintage sidecar.

Come and join the thrill and excitement of riding on three wheels in the most off-the beaten tracks of Marrakech & The Atlas Mountains with local Insiders. Can take passengers starting from 2 years old, this safe and stylish transportation is definitely one of the most unique ways to discover the country; drive around the alleyways of the Medina, as well as opt for one of a kind road trip to the Agafay Desert and the Atlas Mountains. Rides go from 1.5 hour ride around Marrakech up to 2 weeks expeditions around the country.

Enlightening Experience in the Sahara Desert

Are the 3 days touristic desert group traps online not so appealing to you? Then, let us introduce you to real Sahara glamping with a bespoke learning experience. Our best friends offer private desert trekking tours and camel safaris that are one of a kind. The day treks are a story telling journey with a Nomad from the Sahara Desert. Step back in time and enjoy this retreat way from modernization with stories that will inspire you forever. If a retreat is not necessarily what you're looking for, our Nomad friends can definitely create a challenge for you as well as a full cultural immersion. Treks start from one day (back to your boho camp) up to two weeks for adventure seekers. Desert Glamping & Safaris in the Sahara Desert are definitely one o the most unique things to do in Morocco.

Hover over the Atlas Mountains at Sunrise

Champagne is always a good idea. You know what's an even better idea? Champagne in the air overlooking the sun rising above the Atlas Mountains. Very few hot air balloon destinations offer this opportunity – Imagine yourself up in the air facing the highest peaks of North Africa, taking in the sun and enjoying breakfast in the air with your loved ones. This is truly one of the most unique things to do in Morocco.

Ride to an out-of-the Ordinary Sculpture Park

An upside down house fallen from the sky, a picturesque garden with funny looking gardeners with pumpkin heads, a giants house filled with weirdly large decorations and details, from the light switch to cutlery. This has left our travelers speechless, and all have confirmed that this is one of the most unique things to do in Morocco. Want to experience a one of a kind escape and discover Jean-François Fourtou's work riding on three wheels?


Calm Coastal Town Getaway

Watch goats climbing trees feeding on Argan nuts before making your way to this peaceful fishing port town. Do you want to feel like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones? walk to the Skala and watch the waves break over the ancient walls of this medieval looking town, or go one step further and let us arrange a horse back riding excursion along the wild remote beaches with a picnic stop, this is definitely one of the most unique things to do while in Essaouira, Morocco. To top it off, we'll unwind, and let the sand wash our feet with a yoga session facing the golden sunset of the Atlantic ocean. This calm town would be a great finale for your Morocco Journey.

Make a Difference!

Ok, you ate all those delicious tagines, rode your camel for the first time, however, your heart is still broken from the kittens you saw in terrible shape in the Medina, you've passed by remote villages and saw kids with broken backpacks going to school, you shed couple of tears walking by those cute donkeys in terrible shape. If you're one of those people who want to make the world a better place, let us know, we can recommend and introduce you to local non-profit organizations who would be happy to accept any help you can give. Or better yet, if you have the time, we'll give you some ideas on small but powerful acts of kindness you can do to change things for the better.

Things To Do

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